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In Georgia, the statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice claim is two years from the date that the patient discovered that an injury occurred due to a health care provider’s negligence. Health care providers may be doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists—anyone who has trained to be a professional in the field of health and medical care.

Medical malpractice can be one of the most grievous breaches of trust that someone can experience. It can happen to anyone, at any time. Perhaps you saw your doctor for a regular check-up, and your doctor determined all was well. Later on down the road, you discover a medical condition or disease that could have been caught during that initial exam, which now requires immediate attention. This is one of the many examples of how detrimental medical malpractice can be to our health.

How Can I Take Action?

Bring your case to a credible Woodstock medical malpractice attorney. Your attorney helps you file a claim by looking at the details of the incident and examining how the malpractice occurred. Bring all of your medical records, including bills for treatment, surgery, and other costs related to your case. These factors may play a role later on to determine how much compensation you deserve in your claim.

These are the four main elements necessary to prove your claim:

  • You sought medical advice or treatment from a doctor
  • Your doctor was negligent, or performed in a way would not be performed under normal circumstances
  • Negligence caused your injury
  • The injuries caused you harm

Once you and your attorney established these four elements, it will be used to supplement your documents, along with your claim. Be forewarned, though, that you may be facing off with insurance companies, and they often play hardball when it comes to paying out for claims. They do this either by denying some portion of your statements or even by refusing the claim altogether.

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