Product Liability in Georgia

What is Product Liability?

When you purchase a product, one of the most basic rights you have as a consumer is the right to be safe when using it. Product liability often refers to a legal claim or lawsuit in which an individual alleges that a product malfunctioned, failed to properly work or was too dangerous, resulting in one or more persons to suffer severe injuries or even death.

Types of unsafe product defects include:

  • Design defects – when something in the design of the product is dangerous
  • Manufacturing defects – when the product has a flaw or defect that is not part of the design, but occurred during the manufacturing or assembly
  • Marketing defects – when the product is improperly labeled and doesn’t contain adequate safety precautions or instructions

What Kind of Proof is Required in Product Liability Cases?

The main indication of any product liability case is proof that the debated product was “defective” and that such defective conditions directly caused the injuries or death suffered by an individual or loved one. An individual must also demonstrate that the product remained in the same condition when it left the manufacturer’s facility, received by the seller and purchased by the user. Lastly, an individual must establish that the product was being used in a manner which was intended or reasonably foreseeable to the manufacturer.

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