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Auto Parts Defects

Defective Car Part Accidents

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Whether it’s on the street or the freeway, one of the most frightening experiences one can endure is a malfunction in your motor vehicle as you’re driving, especially if it results in serious injury or even death. While facing expensive medical treatment and car repairs, you’re wondering why you should pay for the consequences of the accident.

At Warlick & Craig, P.C., we are dedicated to helping those injured due to a defective auto part recover the compensation they deserve. Our Woodstock personal injury lawyers possess the extensive knowledge of the Georgia legal system and court proceedings, we will tirelessly pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf while you make a full recovery from your injuries.

Types of Auto Part Defects

Auto parts manufacturing companies have a responsibility to American consumers by providing a product that will adequately work and ensure safety. Product liability claims involving automobiles can be structured against the designer or manufacturer. However, it can also involve a car dealership used car dealer, or shipper.

Common types of defective auto parts include the following:

  • Gas pedal defects which cause a car to suddenly accelerate
  • Defective brakes which fail to bring an automobile to a stop
  • Defective tires, resulting in blowouts
  • Driver’s side floor mats which get stuck under the accelerator pedal, causing a crash
  • Issues which prevent airbags from deploying upon a collision
  • Seatbelts that fail to lock up or become unlatched during an accident
  • Child safety seat issues
  • Issues with electronic systems
  • Issues with engine cooling system

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After your accident, it’s imperative that you DO NOT make any repairs to your vehicle or scrap it at the junkyard. Your vehicle is the single most important piece of evidence in your case. Our firm can conduct our own investigation into your case, gather and analyze the evidence in order to determine who and what are truly at fault for your injuries.

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