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Not only can injuries at your workplace be painful and result in costly medical bills, but they can also mean missed time and money as you recover. Unfortunately, some injured workers with legitimate claims for worker's compensation may be denied by insurance claims adjusters.

There are numerous reasons for this, including insurance companies being wary of fraudulent worker's compensation cases and trying to protect their own financial interests. If you have been injured on the job or while performing your work duties, hiring a Woodstock workers' compensation attorney can increase your chances of receiving the benefits that you are legally entitled to.

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What can I recover under workers' compensation in Woodstock, GA?

By law, companies with three or more employees must carry workers' compensation insurance, and regular part-time workers are also included in this coverage. Worker's compensation insurance is intended to provide injured workers with compensation for any costs stemming from their injuries.

The following expenses are covered under worker's compensation in Georgia:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Permanent disability fund

The moment you are injured, notify your supervisor of your injuries immediately. Waiting to report your injuries can result in a loss of benefits. When you work with Warlick & Craig, P.C., we will oversee your claim to help make sure that it is filed appropriately, and that no details are overlooked.

By sifting through medical records, witness accounts, and other types of evidence, we do everything in our power to create the strongest possible case for you. In fact, one of our attorneys, Jason A. Craig, is a Worker's Compensation Claimant Lawyer (WCCL) for the Georgia Trial Lawyers' Association. If your claim is still denied, we are also able to file appeals through the Georgia Worker's Compensation Board.

Trusted for Professional and Personalized Representation

At Warlick & Craig, P.C., we are on your side and ready to handle your case from start to finish while you focus on getting healthy again. As Woodstock workers' compensation lawyers, our goal is to protect your rights and see that you are able to receive the high-quality medical care that you need to recover. We are known for our compassionate, personal, and professional representation. Results matter to us, and we aim to deliver every single time.

Some of our recent workers' compensation case successes include:

  • Served as lead counsel in a $400,000 settlement for workers' compensation for a brain injury
  • $150,000 workers' compensation settlement for a back injury in Claxton, GA
  • $130,000 worker's compensation settlement for a back injury in Vidalia, GA

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  • Don’t give up until you give this company a try.

    “It took 3 attempts with different Attorneys. After a year of being a client to another firm I was dropped as a client. Their reason was my case was not good enough. At this point this was my second attempt at the case with two separate firms. I did not know what to do. I was nervous and thought no one is going to take my case and I’m going to be stuck with all these medical bills. Was given a referal for Warlick and Craig. Figured I would give it one last shot. After meeting with them in person and explaining my case I finally felt a sense of relief and hope. The entire staff did a great job throughout the entire duration. Jason, Nick, and Norma. The girls behind the desk were always so pleasant and kind. This stuff can be so very stressful! Warlick and Craig was the best outcome. I wish I would have went to them first. They made what seemed impossible, possible. ”

  • Firm that really cares!

    “Mr. Warlick, Mr. Craig, Elvira, Veronica and staff where outstanding! Going into this process I did not know what to expect. However they made me feel comfortable and at ease about what to expect in regards to my case. The attorneys as well as the staff keep me updated every step of the way making me feel like I was part of the process. I highly recommend this practice they are truly kind, friendly, willing to help and have your best interest in mind.”

    Joselin Houser

  • I called them and the next day they were at my house. (literally)

    “I called them and the next day they were at my house. (literally) I have had lawyers in the past, (divorce, child support) not one was worthy. I was ripped off and used. I even got one disbarred. I was far from wanting to be used again by a Lawyer. I was extremely hesitant, guarded, apprehensive and skiddiest when it came to Lawyers. When they showed up at my place I was at ease, right off the bat. Craig is a tall man of strong structure, with a very strong southern accent. He spoke with confidence and reassurance with that southern draw. He reminded me as Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird". As for Warlick he reminded me of the actor Mathew McConaughey from "A Time to Kill" Compassionate, and tenacious. I in fact told them how I felt about lawyers and they promised me they would stand by me. In fact they went beyond the call of duty! I hired them on the spot!”

  • I will recommend Jason to everyone I know who needs a lawyer for a case like mine.

    “I am happy because Mr. Craig won the case at jury trial. I will recommend Jason to everyone I know who needs a lawyer for a case like mine. He is a good lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer. He is a good person.”

    C. Avila-Leon

  • Very Good & Honest Attorneys

    “Jason Craig is a very good and honest attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation. His staff is very friendly, caring and always willing to help. ”